What's Irfc ?

Irfc is interface for IETF RFC document.

Please send suggestions and bug reports to NielsWidger, he’s the new maintainer. Thanks! – AndyStewart

This package use some code from Lisp:rfcview.el, thanks “Neil W. Van Dyke”!

The features this package provide:


        (require 'irfc)  
in ~/.emacs.
        (setq irfc-directory "YourStorageDirectory")
        (setq irfc-assoc-mode t)


This feature is very useful when you want navigation in RFC document like HTML document, even it is text version.


All below option can customize by: M-x customize-group RET irfc RET


And command ‘irfc-follow’ can also use at title of RFC document.
Example rfc3986.txt contain “Obsoletes: 2732, 2396, 1808” at title, you can move cursor to “2732” and type “o” will visit RFC 2732 document.
‘irfc-follow’ support below keywords in title:
“Request for Comments:”


Put Lisp:anything.el and Lisp:anything-irfc.el in your load-path, then add
        (require 'anything-irfc)
in your ~/.emacs
      1. You can use the command ‘anything-irfc-table-jump’ to jump table or content.
      2. Or you can also integrate this package with Anything:
            (setq anything-sources
      1. When you use Anything interface, you can type “TAB” to switch second-level interface for more command for same candidate.



Take Over ?

Hi Neils, i notice you add new feature in irfc.el, very cool. Are you interested take over irfc.el? I have leave Emacs long time, no time maintain irfc.el.

Please let me know if you want take over it, thanks! – AndyStewart

Hi Andy, Sure I’ll keep adding features and fix any bugs I find. 😊 – Niels

Great! I have update your information in irfc.el, thank you very much! – AndyStewart