Hey, my name is IsaacRaway. I’m a developer working mostly right now in web and a bit of windows programming. But, what is more important that what I do, is what I use: XEmacs 21.4 on Windows 2000. I also use a version of GnuEmacs compiled for Windows, but I’m moving to XEmacs almost exclusively.

Just sort of getting into the wiki thing now. I have my own wiki, but it is sad to say the least. I can’t even bring myself to post the URL.

You can check me out at, though I don’t really suggest it. The site is under a lot of fluctuation, and it just isn’t real pretty. That’s also my blog, when I actually make any entries.

Have fun and don’t get hurt out there.

Welcome to the wiki! Me not being too curious, and you being so hesitant to talk about your web presence, I will not google for your name… ;)AlexSchroeder