I use Emacs and have done since about v18.58 (circa 1992), initially under OS/2 but now primarily under GNU/Linux.

My claim to Emacs fame is my updating of the OS/2 port of Emacs to v20.3 & v20.6. Unfortunately I have not worked on this code since 2001 and no longer have an OS/2 machine to develop on but I believe this is the last known port of Emacs to OS/2.

Using my OS/2 port is described excellently by OliverHeidelbach here:

I’ve been using Emacs for over 20 years now and find that, amongst my colleagues, I am in a minority with others preferring IDEs like Eclipse, but I find I’m massively more productive with Emacs.

Welcome to the wiki! :) When we moved to an elaborate software setup at work using Java and OSGi I discovered that Emacs just was too complicated to set up to work in this environment. There, it’s all Eclipse and a special perspective used as SDK… Emacs is nothing but a glorious IRC client in this environment. – AlexSchroeder