The humble home of Joachim Nilsson. Emacs is my favourite toolbox and I like to explore its universe and expand my understanding of it on a daily basis. I currently employed by Westermo R&D where I work on industrial Ethernet switches based on GNU/Linux.

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Hello and welcome! The Hurd always inspires the image of things rising from the grave to haunt us – and hurd reminds me of hurdles. I never tried it, I am too scared. :) – AlexSchroeder
Thanks. The Hurd is technically almost “done”, it lacks pthreads and thus a lot of programs cannot be built. It also lacks a decent installer, which eliminates all people who’re scared of using a single bourne prompt to fix things. I cannot answer for the ten years of long sleep, all I know is that in a year or so the Hurd will be more usable (pthreads and installer done) to beginners and non-programmers. So being scared of the Hurd is not a sign of weakness, more a sign of good health and self preservation. :-) – JoachimNilsson
GNU is the future. I am actually fighting in reinstalling it onto my notebook. I hope I can help soon in development or things like that. All I know is when I first tried it (1 year ago), I was extremelly comfortable at using it :) – XavierMaillard
Hello, I’m not aware of any Gtk+/Gnome flavor of GNU Emacs, but if there’s any effort being made in that direction I’d be happy to get involved. Do you have any pointers in this regard? Thanks! – LeonardoBoshell
Have a look into the EmacsCvs. I think this is the only version providing such a feature. The port may not be done totally and what’s more AA is only supported on the window decorations not onto the edit area so… – XavierMaillard