I am a long-time user of Emacs and an occasional reader of EmacsWiki.

I decided to create a page for me in the EmacsWiki so that I have a place where to put some of the elisp code I wrote over the years.

I’ll start with a simple package that I wrote for some time now but that I never made available publicly (except for a few friends). I cleaned it up a bit today and decided to make it public. I called it the EdiffTrees package.

Welcome to the wiki! – JoakimVerona

Yeah, and feel free to create páginas portuguesas… :)AlexSchroeder

Thank you by your friendly welcome :)

Alex, I think I’ll stick with the English. Unless my English is so bad that it would be clearer if I wrote it all in Portuguese…

Regarding the EmacsWiki way of doing things, should I put a link to the EdiffTrees package somewhere else? Perhaps a link in the EdiffMode page would be appropriate… – JoaoCachopo

EdiffMode belongs to CategoryProgrammerUtils, so perhaps you should add link both ways for CategoryProgrammerUtils and EdiffTrees. That would be the wiki way of categorizing it. And a link from EdiffMode is probably appropriate as well. – AlexSchroeder