Begun my emacs-journey at collage back in 1992. Nowadays I use GnusEmacs for pretty much everything both at my day job, at home and where ever I logon. Emacs only make sense with a keyborad but on phones and other small devices I use orgzly.

  1. I work as it-consultant/programmer/systemdeveloper/full-stack-devops-(please insert your favorite arbitrary corporate-bs here… )
  2. Webpage: [1] (sorry this is in swedish only)
  3. Email: jo*.san* (
  4. Often used languages: Python, ELisp, bash, Java, c/C++, html/css, xml/yaml
  5. Often used modes: OrgMode/Babel, Tramp, Projectile, Magit, git-timemachine, winner-mode, Dumb-Jump, Undo-Tree, Eshell/Shell/Term/ansi-term, Ido/flx-ido, elfeed, webjump-plus, Hydra, simple-httpd, twitter-mode, multiple-cursors
  6. What do I do: Programming, documenting, configuring Emacs, notetaking, diary, to-do’s, calendar, contacts, recipes, CV/resumes, edit and surf webpages, twitter, blogging, chat, news, mailing.

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams