Born 1927-09-04. Developer of the first Lisp system between 1955 and 1959 while at Dartmouth College. As of 2001-01-01 Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford University.

I just realized, that JohnMcCarthy is still alive (may God keep his health), which made me wonder, “Isn’t this guy, some kind of a legend? He invented Lisp. How come he doesn’t get more attention, from the informatics press? [McCarthy’s life ended in 2011 after these comments were made.]

And he seems not alone in this, same applies to EdsgerDijkstra and DonaldKnuth, maybe Knuth gets some attention, but not much. [Dijkstra’s life ended in 2002 after these comments were made.]

Why doesn’t companies like IBM, or free organizations like GNU, try to sponsor/hire, a Knuth/Dijkstra/McCarthy effort to create an OS or a programming language? I am sure they can make a design and provide an implementation that can be as legendary as the persons these people are.