My Emacs Anniversery is in May. I started in 2007, so I guess I am turning into an old-timer. I am still learning stuff, which is why I love emacs.

Emacs projects are:

Emacs Projects that I won’t kill, but I don’t work on anymore:

Emacs Projects that I will kill one day soon:

For one job I do Web Development. My weapons of choice are org-mode, js-mode, swank-js and nxhtml. For fun I play with fun languages, Scheme, Javascript, Clojure, and Kilns.

OrgMode and ParEdit Mode are my favorite modes. I am also fond of the Bovinator and ECB.


Welcome to the wiki! On Windows, I usually just run eshell… --AlexSchroeder

Howdy to a fellow Schemer! See you over at Gambit Wiki (where I go by Trashbird1240) --JoelAdamson