I’m Jonthan Gonzalez know as zeus at, you can meet me at #emacs and #savannah channels.

Why do I use GNU Emacs?

I’ve started search for an IDE to write C programs but none of the previous software help me as I want it because all of them use complicated things like many clicks to do something and all of them didn’t let me do what I want it and customize what I want.

I started to use GNU Emacs and my IDEs problems get solved including the main problem, customize the software that I use. One of the biggest plus of use GNU Emacs was that I didn’t need to change the IDE one I changed the programming language, because Emacs can be an IDE for many languages.

Emacs Related Projects

I’m currently creating a wiki on for spanish users that want to learn use GNU Emacs.

I maintain a mirror of EmacsWiki (see Rsync repository).