I’m a bit of a long-time lurker here on the EmacsWiki and use it for virtually every question I have about Emacs. I’ve been using emacs for development for about ten years now, and am finally getting around to learning and hacking out some elisp code of my own for a change (hah – how I managed to get this far without knowing more about elisp is a mystery to me). You can reach me through my website at http://www.theonelab.com.

My areas of expertise involve language design, interpreters, web development, games, maintaining a cluster of 15 Linux boxen, and the occasional business app.

Things to do:

Welcome to the wiki! :) And you really need to get something to handle all the comment spam on your site, hehe. – AlexSchroeder

Thanks! Sorry about the messy edits – I didn’t realize that the summary showed up in the history like that. I’ll try to be more Wiki-friendly in the future. And yes, the comment spam is a problem I can’t seem to stop easily since I don’t have much time on my hands at the moment. Hopefully moving to a more static, cleaner system should help to clear that mess up. :)JuneTate