I’ve been using Emacs since 1989. At the beginning, it was MicroEmacs, and circa 1996 I switched to GnuEmacs version 19. I tried dozens of different editors, but never switched to them from Emacs, because Emacs is simply superior to other editors (even such comparison is not justified, because Emacs is not only an editor but a complete “Lisp Machine”). So I was greatly satisfied with Emacs, however, with one exception: I lacked one kind of Emacs functionality - the ability to easily and conveniently organize data from diverse information sources. But I had only the feeling of unhappiness from lack of such package, I had no idea how it should look. I waited many years in hope that somebody will write such package, but to no avail. So eventually I sat down, thought about own needs, designed and implemented CategorizingInformationManager, with which I am fully satisfied now.

Welcome to the wiki! :) The thing that interests me most about ee is the idea of a uniform interface for many things. – AlexSchroeder