https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/2335275c376c366efecc5b3388fbb1e2.jpgKameahāʻaweokaponia McIntosh ʻIʻi

I use GNU Emacs. I also use VI and GEdit. My aspiration is to reach a point where I feel comfortable enough to be able to liberate myself from the 2 inferior products (i.e., VI & GEdit).

About me

I’ve been using GNU Emacs (and, previously, XEmacs) sporadically for years. I’ve essentially used it as an editor while ignoring its huge collection of features.

Recently, I have taken up learning CL and, consequently, improving my understanding of the Emacs system.

About my name

I was born Christopher (no middle name) McIntosh. While living in Hawaiʻi for most of my formative years, I was given a Hawaiian name by a Kupuna (elder of the community). That name is Kameahāʻaweokaponia ʻIʻi. I decided that I needed to have a middle name and I wanted to remain connected to my genealogical roots. So I took my birth surname and adopted it as a middle name.

Welcome to the wiki - Aloha. – DrewAdams

Aloha, Drew; and, mahalo ā nui loa (thank you very much). I am excited to have found EmacsWiki and am pleased with the quality that I’ve found thus far. – KamʻIʻi