Writing LaTeX with Aquamacs

Use M-x latex-mode (normally Option-x latex-mode in Aquamacs) to edit LaTeX files. Use C-c C-c latex to compile.

Aquamacs is in PDF mode by default.

Setting up PDFView

PDFView is a free, open-source PDF Previewer that will automatically show you a refreshed preview of the document after it has been compiled. It integrates nicely with Aquamacs.

The following line for ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el will cause AUCTeX (latex-mode) to use PDFView for PDF files, and TEXniscope to view DVI files:

 (setq TeX-output-view-style (quote (("^pdf$" "." "open -a %o") ("^dvi$" "^xdvi$" "open-x11 %(o?)xdvi %dS %d") ("^dvi$" "^TeXniscope$" "open -a %o") ("^pdf$" "." "open %o") ("^html?$" "." "open %o"))))

In PDFView, use the following configuration in Preferences → LaTeX:

 Preset: Emacs
 Command: "/Applications/Aquamacs"
 Arguments: --no-wait +%line "%file"

Using TeXniScope

See AquamacsTexniscope.

Problems when compiling Latex documents

Problem: When I compile a Latex document from Auctex mode, the typesetting process hangs, and the Latex process buffer displays the following kind of error message:

! I can't find file `" -interaction=nonstopmode"'.
<to be read again>
<*> " -interaction=nonstopmode\input
Please type another input file name: 

Solution: At some point, the Auctex package in the Aquamacs distribution got updated from version 11.83 to 11.84. Apparently, this broke something with Latex in non-interactive mode. As the linked article describes, you can fix the problem as follows:

  1. open the Latex/Customize Auctex/Browse Options menu in Aquamacs
  2. click on “Go to group” in “Tex command”
  3. open the item “Tex expand list”
  4. replace the entry for “%(mode)” by (lambda nil (if TeX-interactive-mode "" "\\nonstopmode"))
  5. save the options buffer