LaTeX Preview Pane

latex-preview-pane is a minor mode for Emacs that enables you to preview your LaTeX files directly in Emacs. It supports PDF previews, your choice of pdflatex or xelatex, and it highlights errors in your LaTeX buffer.

The latest version of latex-preview-pane can always be found at:

The following document details the installation and usage of latex-preview-pane. Below you can see a screenshot of LaTeX Preview Pane in action.

Below, you can see LaTeX Preview Pane highlighting an error in a buffer.

Installing LaTeX Preview Pane

To install latex-preview-pane you will need the following:

If you don’t already have MELPA installed, add the following snippet to your .emacs file and either restart emacs or simply eval-region the snippet.

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
  '("melpa" . "") t)

To install latex-preview-pane, simply execute M-x package-install latex-preview-pane and restart Emacs.

Using LaTeX Preview Pane

If you would like latex-preview-pane to load automatically with your LaTeX files, add the following to your .emacs:


Otherwise, you can enable it on a per-buffer basis with the command:

M-x latex-preview-pane-mode

To use LaTeX Preview Pane, simply open any TeX file and if latex-preview-pane is set to be automatically enabled, it will open a preview pane and attempt to generate your TeX preview. Otherwise you can activate it with M-x latex-preview-pane-mode to open the preview pane. Note that there is also a menu in this mode which contains the following functions:

Questions, Feedback

Please direct all feedback to me over on this project’s GitHub page, here: