langhelp: Integrated help system in EmacsRuby

Langhelp creates an index of documents of various programming languages and shell commands. Languages enables you to search documents instantly in Emacs. If you are a programmer, then you may sometimes wonder, what is the usage of this function? If you use Unices, then you may wonder, what is the usage of this command? Langhelp answers the question INSTANTLY.

Currently langhelp supports languages and commands below.

  html, svn, bison, cvs, libtool, 
  latex, ratpoisonrc, gengetopt, wget, lua, 
  guile, php, texinfo, c++, c, 
  standards, grep, gdb, diff, octave, 
  gauche, python, flex, tcl, m4, 
  sed, screenrc, gzip, perl, emacs-lisp, 
  ruby, autoconf, hurd, el4r, binutils, 
  awk, graphviz-dot, makefile, sh, 

Langhelp may be the first tool written in EmacsRuby in the world. In other words, langhelp is an practical example of EmacsRuby script.