I started using Emacs since early 2016. I use GNU/Emacs, MicroEmacs Jasspa Distribution and SciTECO (a modern real time display TECO dialect) on macOS.

You might want to contact me at mailto:andpuke@foxmail.com

Of course LdBeth is not my real name.

Now I’m on sdf.org

Since my homepage is under reconstruction, it isn’t available here.

Happy Hacking!

Packages I use

  1. WanderLust and NotMuch for e-mail
  2. Gnus for news
  3. MuseMode and PlannerMode for blogging and writing
  4. WThreeM and Conkeror for browsing web.
  5. Erc for IRC

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams

Thanks. – LdBeth