I started using Emacs since early 2016. I use GNU/Emacs, MicroEmacs Jasspa Distribution and SciTECO (a modern real time display TECO dialect) on macOS and NetBSD.

You might want to contact me at mailto:andpuke@foxmail.com

Of course LdBeth is not my real name.

Now I’m on sdf.org

Since my homepage is under reconstruction, it isn’t available here.

Happy Hacking!

Packages I use

  1. WanderLust and NotMuch for e-mail
  2. Gnus for news
  3. MuseMode and PlannerMode for blogging and writing
  4. WThreeM and Conkeror for browsing web.
  5. Erc for IRC
  6. Sly for Common Lisp
  7. AucTex for LaTeX

Programming Languages I use

  1. Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp (of course), Scheme and many Lisp descendants
  2. J
  3. Forth
  4. Haskell

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams

Thanks. – LdBeth