I used to contribute to the Spanish version of this MultilingualWiki.

I no longer use Emacs.

Welcome to the wiki, Leonardo. Curious about your thoughts/experiences with viper. I have been toying with the thoughts of trying it out (in a big way) some day (though i have almost never used vi before)…. – DeepakGoel

Actually, once I started using Emacs, I gave viper a try, but almost immediately I stopped using it. No particular reason, except that I was really interested in learning Emacs and dumping vi for good. So I guess I don’t really have much to say about it. Viper is certainly very close to a true vi editor (although I catched a few things I used to do with vim (my favorite flavor of vi) and viper didn’t have (or at least in the same way as vim)). If you’re really thinking about using vi seriously, I’d recommend you to check vim out. If you want to use a vi editor without leaving your Emacs interface, I guess viper is the way to go. --LeonardoBoshell

Thanks for all the Spanish pages! – AlexSchroeder