I use emacs

I don’t have anything wonderful to contribute just yet but I have used some of the stuff in this wiki in my .emacs file. Thank you to all the contributors who have pasted here.

I sometimes use the freenode and mozilla.org IRC servers and appear there as LesleyB. I have been using SuSE since SuSE 7.3 (about 2000) and will be upgrading from 9.2 to 10.0 when it comes out. I also run OpenBSD on two boxen and Debian on my laptop.

I usually ask the questions but have been able to help others occasionally :).

I started with emacs when I moved to an academic post in Sheffield, England. I have taken some time out from work and any form of a career in the last two years during which I have slowly got a little better at using emacs and LaTeX.

I am currently interested in mathematical typesetting using LaTeX in an emacs environment and how to get the results of mathematical typesetting into a form usuable on the web. I’d like to be able to produce mathematical text on the web but have yet to find out how to get the maths I can write using laTeX into gif or png files so that I can use them on a web page. I am aware of MathML and it’s limitations (inconsistent display across browsers).

Welcome to the wiki! – AlexSchroeder

Thank you for the welcome, Alex. I started off with Emacs-Wiki, Planner and Remember and then heard that Emacs-Wiki had been deprecated in favour of Muse so I have swapped to Muse and downloaded the relevant Planner to go with it. I’ve made a link to the original Remember I got from Sacha Chua’s site. Glad to see the deadlines are there in Planner but not convinced I have any of it behaving as I want it to. Muse I suppose is interesting because one can use it to produce the same documentation in different formats. It’s nice to see so many people supposedly using Planner and Muse but I have no clue how they achieve what they achieve - yet.