Emacs is like Nethack [1]: It grows faster than you can learn it, and that’s okay with you.

Welcome to the Wiki! Read about your anti-war efforts. Last week I was at my first vigil against war and occupation in Palestine. Interesting experience. – AlexSchroeder

Ah, finally I understand your ‘image in buffer’ question. You want to put an image inline into a buffer, and be able to save the buffer as a text or other kind of file that preserves and understands the image. Sounds like a nifty idea to me, I’ve not heard of such a thing before in emacs. Reminds me of resource forks in the Mac, or streams in NTFS. I think it could be implemented the same way even. --ShaeErisson Yep! That’s it!LionKimbro

Regarding “image in buffer” saving, there is some support for implementing this in Emacs, although no actual implementation is provided (afaict). ‘write-region-annotate-functions’ is a list of functions that store text properties as annotations to the file being saved; functions in ‘after-insert-file-functions’, similarly, extract annotations and restore the text properties. There is no provided implementation (not sure if they’ve been used at all, actually), but since image data is stored in the ‘display’ text property, it seems that this would be the proper way to add this functionality. --BtTempleton