My name is Lucas, and I use GNU Emacs.

I’m Lukhas on the EmacsChannel, and can be reached by mail at lucas > (French name of Terry Pratchett’s antihero, Rincewind).

What I use Emacs for

Stuff that I contributed to, or wrote

buffer-move.el - for lazy people wanting to swap buffers without typing C-x b all the time.

tea.el - a simple tea timer with icon display in the modeline. You need to fetch tea.xpm or tea2.pnm to use the “standard ugly icon”, or provide your own icon (feel free to send me a better one !).

color-theme-smooth-blue.el - a custom ColorTheme.

I’m also hosting a EmacsCvs binary for windows, on Lukhas:emacs/win32/ it’s built by arete, a EmacsChannel addict.

May the 05th, new upload.

And, last but not least, EMMS !

Config files

My .emacs. Comments in French or English, depending on the mood :)

My ERC config file

My .gnus. Same remark for the comments.

And finally, my Circe config

You can also have a look at Lukhas:emacs/elisp/ , i store my common used .el packages, and some other custom files.