Better known as the 12-year old elf or e1f and notorious for taking “no peeking” showers in the middle of conversations.

Elf has some miraculous characteristics, like slow aging. Connection with his elven roots is suspected. Elf used to be 11 (“elf”, see?), but after many years, one fine morning, he turned 12. His age is now believed to be stable at 12. Young children like elf hang out in #emacs, so please watch your language when you are there.

Even at this tender age, elf has already made notable contributions to the Free Software community, for instance, the Emacs Logo and the Gnus Logo. Elf lives in Canada, also see EmacsChannelDemographics for more.

On the web, he lives at and his Emacs page has something interesting for everyone (even vi lovers).