LustyExplorer is a fast and responsive way to manage files and buffers. It includes both a filesystem explorer and a buffer switcher through a common interface.

It’s like find-file crossed with iswitchb or InteractivelyDoThings, but with a larger and more easily readable dedicated window for matches instead of the minibuffer.

Here's a 3.4 MB animated gif showing it in action (Note: 2.0+ uses fuzzy matching instead of tab completion)

After copying the file into your load-path, put this in your .emacs:

    (require 'lusty-explorer)

Launch the explorer with one of these commands:

    M-x lusty-file-explorer
    M-x lusty-buffer-explorer

As you type a name, the list updates using a fuzzy matching algorithm. Press RET or TAB to select the highlighted match, or C-n/C-p to highlight the next/previous match

LustyExplorer is based on the Vim plugin of the same name.



Development repository


Version 2.4:

Version 2.3:

Version 2.2:

Version 2.1:

Version 2.0:

Version 1.0.2:

Version 1.0.1:


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