Mac-key mode is a minor mode that provides more mac-like key bindings on Mac OS X. The code is developed by SeijiZenitani.

Getting mac-key-mode

Mac-key mode is bundled with CarbonEmacsPackage and the file is also available at:


To use this package, add these lines to your ~/.emacs file:

    (require 'redo)
    (require 'mac-key-mode)
    (mac-key-mode 1)

When ‘mac-key-mode’ is enabled, an apple mark appears in the mode line. Note that ‘mac-key-mode’ requires redo and that it turns on ‘pc-selection-mode’.

With CarbonEmacs it is also possible to combine the use of mac-key-mode while using the Alt as meta key:

    (setq mac-command-modifier 'alt mac-option-modifier 'meta)
    (require 'redo)
    (require 'mac-key-mode)
    (mac-key-mode 1)

Default Keysets

The default keymaps are as follows:

Customizing Keysets

In order to set additional key bindings, modify ‘mac-key-mode-map’ in your ~/.emacs file:

    (require 'mac-key-mode)
    (define-key mac-key-mode-map [(alt l)] 'goto-line)


MacKeyMode breaks Active Region Highlighting with C-Space

When I enabled MacKeyMode (either through the Help menu or with (mac-key-mode 1)), the “Active Region Highlighting” (Options → Active Region Highlighting) no longer works with C-Space.

Is it related to pc-selection-mode? MacKeyMode turns on pc-selection-mode.

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