If you build Emacs from source you’re going to miss the native print dialog available in CarbonEmacsPackage. Here’s how to get it back:

  1. Get mac-print-mode.el and put it on your LoadPath.
  2. Get htmlize.el and put it in your LoadPath or download the package.
  3. Get coral 1.3
    1. copy bin/ into /Applications
    2. copy bin/coral into /usr/local/bin and edit it so that it calls /Applications/
  4. Add the following to your .emacs:
(when (require 'mac-print-mode nil t)
  (mac-print-mode 1)
  (global-set-key (kbd "M-p") 'mac-print-buffer))

Now M-p should automatically export the current page as HTML and produce a nice Mac OS print dialog that prints it.