Hi, I am (currently) an Emacs user… as of January 4, 2004. This is my… (counts on fingers) FOURTH time. The constant epic battle between good and evil, i.e., between Emacs and Vi(m), respectively (but ask me again next time I switch to Vim), rages time eternal in my soul. I just can’t seem to hold down an editor (or window manager, or any other tool) for long periods of time. Before long the restlesness sets in, minor squibbles turn into glaring faults, and before you know it I’m retooling my whole computer setup. Mine is a truly tortured

Darned browser, and its form editing bugs… <grumble>… urge to change browsers… rising… RISING…

You can check out my homepage at

A life wasted configuring your work environment is still a life wasted… Welcome to the wiki nontheless. – AlexSchroeder ;)