You have figured out how to get and even send E-mail with Gnus under Windows.

Yet, when you

you find yourself in Outlook or, as some corporate users will have to admit, even Lotus Notes.

Well, that was enough motivation for me yesterday to see what I could do about that.

My solution involves adding follwing MsWindowsRegistry settings:


Make a backup of your ~/.emacs before you experiment with this feature.

Be sure to have an XEmacs already running, since gnuclient expressions are currently processed too early in a newly started XEmacs, before initialization is complete.

All of this is experimental and works fine with the InnoSetup gnuclient kits available from when XEmacs is already running.


Save the above to a file with the .reg extension.

Double-click on it in Explorer or use regedit->File->Import…

You’ll get a popup like this:


And another to the effect that the import was successful.

Now open Start->Control Panel->Internet Options


Pick the XEmacs Gnus E-mail menu entry in the Programs tab and click OK.


Now try a mailto link, e.g. by entering one in Start->Run…->Open: mailto:someone@somewhere


A running XEmacs will get sent the lisp expression to compose a mail to someone@somewhere in Gnus, e.g.


MsWindowsRegistry MsWindowsCustomize