I am an Emacs user and only every now and then start XEmacs to see wether my quite voluminous .emacs (which is split into several files) still works with both emacsen. Usually it does not because of some byte compiled files and then I wish that at least one of those emacsen had a configurable byte-compile-file-extension :-(

I have written the xgtags package which is mentioned on the GnuGlobal page.

Welcome to the wiki! :) I have long ago given up on having a ~/.emacs file that works for both emacsen. I used XEmacs so rarely that it basically never worked whenever I tried it. – AlexSchroeder

Late answer, I know :-) By now I also gave up with XEmacs, nowadays the problem is more how to maintain a more or less identical configuration under Ubuntu, SuSE and Windows 7 - oh well … :-)