I’m Mark T. Kennedy, an Executive Director in the Fixed Income Technology Group in the retail division of Morgan Stanley.

I use Emacs and, in a sense, I use TecoEmacs too.

I’ve been using Emacs since 1979 and thus started with a TECO-based emacs. I have bound ‘teco:command’ from Dale Worley’s Lisp:teco.el to ‘ESC ESC’! I’m probably the only living user of teco.el ☺. Thanks, Dale!. (Check TecoInterpreterInElisp for an Emacs v22-specific bug if you decide to join me in using it, though). Sometimes, the terseness of TECO is preferrable to the keyboard macro facility.

Unfortunately I lost my TECO-based init after an IBM “Death Star” 75G hard disk crash sometime during the 1990’s - sigh. And after doing all of that work to switch over to the Ivory loader… ☺.

So far, my only contribution to Emacs has been bug reports. At some point, I’ll probably upload my .emacs as yet another example.

Most of the code I write (aside from forays into elisp) is in perl. I’m a cperl-mode user (thanks, Ilya).

I used to dump my own emacs binary. But now between the speed of commodity desktop hardware and a decent emacsserver/emacsclient interface (combined with a bash wrapper for ‘emacsclient’), I live the simple life of one big fat init.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of screen real estate at work, and thus have a strong interest in session management and configuration. I’ve enjoyed looking at and using some of the work of DrewAdams.

I’m looking forward to the benefits of v23’s multi-tty support (simultaneous tty *and* X11 frames) which, when combined with the utility program ‘screen’, will allow for detached emacs servers (remember the TOPS20 “detach” command, oh TecoEmacs users?). How long until Google offers a hosted emacsserver interface? ☺

I’m also looking forward to the beauty of v23’s anti-aliased font support (pant, pant).

I’m testing fledermaus’s wiki.el interface (very nice).

I’ve been hanging out on #emacs as ‘mtkatwork’, enjoying the wit and wisdom of many.

I’m still waiting for AlexSchroeder to annoint my newbie page ☺.

I am so sorry for the long delay! I’ve been busy, life got the better of me, things changed… And suddenly it’s more than three years later and you had to do without a welcome message. If you’re ever in Zürich, I owe you a beer or equivalent beverage at a public place. ☺ – AlexSchroeder

np. i’ve been to zurich twice but not in ages. but if i make it there again, you’re on!