Well, this is exciting. My name’s Mark Triggs and I use emacs.

After a few failed attempts, I finally made the switch from vim to emacs a couple of years ago when I removed vim from my system and symlinked /usr/bin/vim to /usr/bin/emacs. Since then it seems to have gone from being my editor to being my existence, and I'm now using it for mail/news (gnus), irc (erc), my organiser (calendar/diary/emacs-wiki), my terminal (term) and coding. I’m also finding myself using w3m-el more and more often, so maybe that will be next.

If you’d care to harass me on #emacs, my nick will probably be ‘mst_’.

My homepage is at (or and contains bits of elisp and miscellaneous junk.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’re all well.

Welcome to the Wiki ! – LucasBonnet