I’m Martin Schoenmakers, occasionally known as Aiviru. I use Emacs on GNU/Linux and, where forced to, EmacsOnSun or Win32. I started using emacs in earnest mostly by accident. Aside from vi (which I dislike) and a very basic X based editor (with the same sheer power of notepad, but worse looks), all the suns had was emacs, and I really didn’t want to program without at least syntax highlighting. So I tried emacs and, after some very basic tweaking, it did most of what I needed, even though I had to mouse around a lot, not knowing the key combos.

I decided to start learning emacs, mostly because it’d be available to me where I needed it, but soon found out I rather liked it, so started using it more often myself. Just for programming, though. I’m not going to use it for stuff an editor wasn’t designed for, nor do I need it for, like, plaintext.

Fast forward to now, emacs lives on my desktop permanently, playing songs with EMMS most of the time, I use FlySpell and such when writing plaintext, started using DiredMode as a file manager (RunAssoc is very useful, though I feel like I might be writing my own version sometime), and I post to my LJ with it, among others. I also use Gnus, which happens to be the best news and mail reader out there ;) Over time I’ve learned a decent bit of elisp to better customize and add what I need. It makes life much easier. I’ve also contributed code to EMMS.

Conclusion: Emacs takes over your life, and you’ll like it ;>

Here’s a few links to emacs stuff I like, in random order..

Welcome to the wiki! – AlexSchroeder

Thanks :)MartinSchoenmakers