Maruyama 丸山

I’m a japanese user who want to add japanese pages to this site.

Tips for Japanization

Log for Japanization


In oder to do, I follow MultilingualWiki.

  1. Translate the name of the links on the goto bar at the top (SiteMap, RecentChanges, ElispArea, HowTo, News)
サイトマップ, 更新履歴, Elispセクション, 利用手引,ニュース
I will put these on the server tonight. – Alex.
Thanks! – Maruyama.
Perhaps just write it in double-width Romanji? Or Katakana… I don’t know. :)
利用手引 means Manual. ハウツー for Katakana of HowTo was used and is not used by youngstars. HowTo is a good solution, but I think this is also used by other Asian languages, maybe.
  1. Translate the default text for new pages (“Describe the new page here.”)
Cut and paste making. But there is some questions …
This will work automatically once I have it all set up. – Alex.
Now it works.
Just write whatever you think your Japanese readers will require. There is no need to really “translate” everything, specially not every comment and question. – Alex.


  1. Translate the default text for new pages (“Describe the new page here.”)
Over “Cut and Paste”, I added few japanese. I ended it.
  1. Translate the strings in the user inteface on the Oddmuse page [2]

Q: I want to know the difference between and Now is completely same as How can i get the infomation about current

A: If you want to look at the Perl code, take a look at – there you will find all the files in the cgi-bin directory of this server. Some of these are linked to the same file without .pl extension. In you case you want to compare wiki with emacs-jp. You will see that emacs-jp uses the config-jp file in addition to the config file. (When viewing the files, you might have to switch the character encoding to UTF-8 manually in your browser.) You will also see that is currently an empty file. (I have uploaded an empty translation file to CVS.)

Thanks. I understood. – Maruyama;id=Japanese
And i think default, i mean without translations, is enough for japanese users.
  1. Send your translations to the host: