I am an Australian university student studying philosophy/linguistics.

I’m not much of a programmer, my interest in (GNU) Emacs is primarily focused on how it can be used as a writing environment.

GNU Emacs

I am currently using GNU Emacs 25.


Roughly, the tasks GNU Emacs easily accommodates which are of interest to myself can be classified as follows:

1. Notes and Authoring

For notes and authoring I have found the following to be useful:

- Most of my setup is tailored towards org-mode config. I have quite an extensive list of customisations/configurations, including a few personal functions.

2. Dictionary, Spelling and Thesaurus

I’m still looking for a decent dictionary/thesaurus combination.

3. References and Bibliography

For references and bibliography I have found the following to be useful:


I will get around to cleaning up my dot emacs file and putting it online eventually.

My configuration is roughly 400 lines of emacs lisp, majority of which is org-mode functionality.


I can be reached via email at “mathew.ball” at “”.

I spend a fair amount of time idling in #emacs, and #org-mode channels on freenode under the nickname “chu”.