mazemax.el --- labyrinth generation and exploration

Once the elisp code is loaded, type M-x mazemax to generate a random maze (and start exploring it).

This package is not part of Emacs.


Note: as it is, mazemax does not work on XEmacs. To make it work, replace in line 367

  (eq c 32))  


  (eq c ?\ )

Could someone please upload a version that works both in Emacs and XEmacs…

maybe dirty solution is (eq c (if (string-match "XEmacs" emacs-version) ?\ 32)) ? --ZajcevEvgeny

Shouldn’t (eq c ?\ ) work for Emacs, too? On my system (eq 32 ?\ ) ⇒ t, so I think it should work. Can somebody report this as a bug? – AlexSchroeder

On GNU Emacs ?\ evaluates to 32 itself, probably XEmacs employs a distinct type for characters. Anyway, I just uploaded a never version of the file, which should solve this problem (though I have tested it just on GNU Emacs yet, and there may be other compatibily problems with the new display code). – MicheleBini