The menu bar is a set of menus at the top of each Emacs frame.

Menu Bar

Emacs with the Menu Bar enabled:

Emacs with the Menu Bar disabled:

Enable the Menu Bar

The menu bar is enabled by default.

You can type the command M-x menu-bar-mode to toggle it on and off temporarily.

To enable it permanently

Add (menu-bar-mode 1) to the end of your init file.

Disable the Menu Bar

To disable the menu bar.

Add (menu-bar-mode -1) to your init file.

Disable the Menu Bar on XEmacs

Add (set-specifier menubar-visible-p nil) to your init file, or use (set-menubar nil). However, this does not work for buffer-local menu bars (and some things might fail when there is no menu bar).

Access Menu When Disabled

Starting with GnuEmacs 21, you can access the menu as a popup, even when it’s disabled, using ‘C-mouse-3’.

For a similar popup functionality for the tool bar, see ToolBarPlus.

Customizing the Menu Bar

    Emacs.pane.menubar.background: darkGrey
    Emacs.pane.menubar.foreground: black
    Emacs*menubar.margin: 0
    Emacs*shadowThickness: 1

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