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Michael Paulukonis often refers to himself in the third person. He is also known as (the) Other Michael. Unsurprisingly for somebody who has a user-page in this wiki, he uses Emacs.

But only since the summer of 2007, and mainly on Windows.

He can also be found online at and

He’s a member of the FSF – and you should be, too (especially if you use Emacs) !





Theme handling system

deftheme is the theme-handling system introduced in Emacs 23, and enhanced in Emacs 24. As such, it is something of a replacement for ColorTheme.

Emacs 24 finally introduced a new standard way of dealing with color themes (based on Emacs’s built-in customize facility). While it doesn’t have a proper name (as far as I know) it’s commonly referred to as the deftheme facility, since deftheme is the name of the macro you’d use to create such a theme. -source

provided themes

By default Emacs24 comes with several themes.

Adding new themes

You can add more…. somehow….

Switching Themes

See Also

standalone page

re-org(ing) my init-file(s)





emacs-wiki work

Gravatar from Emacs

The image at top is my Gravatar. It’s a useful service that ties an email address to an image, so if someone gives you an email you can maybe find a picture of them.

You need to hash the email to generate the url though, here’s how in EmacsLisp:

(print (md5 (downcase "")) (current-buffer))

and the markup:


Once you define it with that markup, it will now display w/in the wiki when your user-name is referenced in certain contexts For example: MichaelPaulukonis and [MichaelPaulukonis] do not render, but [new:MichaelPaulukonis:2013-05-13 13:28 UTC] is displaying, but [new:MichaelPaulukonis 2013-06-11 13:54 UTC] (colon replaced with space) is NOT displaying.

Can’t find any notes on this, yet, other than what I blatantly stole from NicFerrier.

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