Mingus was born on Sunday 2006-06-25.

Current version: 0.33, or: “Open Letter to Duke”.

Mingus is now hosted at github:

   git clone git://github.com/pft/mingus.git

Mingus interfaces mpd (the Music Player Daemon) in emacs.

Mingus needs libmpdee, and mpd if run locally. Prior to release 0.25 mingus needed mpc. In theory (and maybe not that alone – untried), this means mingus can play on win32 systems now too in addition to normal systems.

Version 0.24 (She’s Just Miss Popular Hybrid) hinged on two legs, i.e. mpc and libmpdee.

Mingus provides extensive playlist editing, through marking and regions.

Mingus provides a point-of-insertion for inserting new songs.

Mingus provides regexp search on filenames in mpd database.

Mingus is willing to handle streams and podcasts, possibly coming from emacs-w3m buffers, such handling including client-side ‘presets’.

Mingus integrates MPD with dired.

Mingus can even wake you up.

Mingus needs emacs22 …not anymore: emacs21 suffices.

 M-x mingus 

should git mingus in your soul;

if it does not do so,

 M-x mingus-help 

should help.

If mingus stays home, i.e. the daemon mpd is run from the same computer as the client, mingus-stays-home.el (below) provides id3-tagging support for ogg, flac and mp3, an experimental cd-burning tool (mingus-burns) (supported formats:ogg, mp3, flac, wav), and more. See the notes at the top of that file for more info.

I just realized with updating for 0.28 that Mingus can use tramp to browse files remotely. So I made `mingus-mpd-root' customizable, and you can use stuff like /ssh:username@host:/var/lib/mpd/music/. When I get to it, I will lift the code (mainly the dired-related functions) from mingus-stays-home to mingus.el.

Code is lifted in version 0.29. Even tested using tramp on a win32 machine.

See also mpc.el for another interface to mpd.