I hate Emacs put a lot of spam on the mode-line. – AndyStewart

What message are we really care?

In fact, every day we are only interested those information: column, row, percent, time and date

Why not remove mode-line?

Emacs intro mode-line show information of current buffer, but most of them are spam. When you compare the file vertically, mode-line waste a lot of space and interfere with our line of sight. If you want detail information of current buffer, `Ctrl + h m’ is enough. So why not remove mode-line ?

What's minibuffer-tray ?

minibuffer-tray just contain necessary information (column, row, percent, time, date) and stay on the bottom right corner of the emacs.

Most graphics feature of minibuffer-tray is provide by PyQt5 program, i use DBus as process communication between Emacs and PyQt5 process, emacs report status to PyQt5 program to render.

Why use PyQt5?

Because hacking emacs minibuffer is hard work and i will maintain monkey patch to move information from mode-line to minibuffer right corner since most emacser use mode-line all the time.

PyQt5/DBus solution just need hide mode-line with customize face, not need hacking any code of Emacs.

How to install it ?

You need install PyQt5/PythonXlib first.

Then download minibuffer-tray source code from :

Last add minibuffer-tray.el.el in your load-path and add

(require 'minibuffer-tray)
(minibuffer-tray-mode 1)

in your ~/.emacs, that’s all!