To declare an edit minor, check the box next to “This change is a minor edit”, before hitting the Save button.

Examples of minor edits include

In general, a minor edit is any change that you don’t want to draw attention to, or clutter the RecentChanges page with. Overall, it is your judgment.

Deleting and creating a page is generally considered a major edit. When a deletion and creation constitutes a page renaming, updating the links to the deleted page could be hidden. See IfYouRenameOrDeletePages.

As with major edits, provide a short summary describing a minor edit. By default, summaries for MinorEdits are hidden from the RecentChanges page, but can be displayed by clicking the link Include minor changes. The link shows the recent major and minor edits as if there was no distinction.

The purpose of having minor edits is to display the more important changes and remove the clutter of less-important changes. It is good etiquette to avoid abusing the system to hide major changes as minor changes or “skywriting” minor changes as major.