MLDonkey is a peer to peer application for accessing the Edonkey2000 network as well as a few others like Overnet, FastTrack, Bittorrent, Gnutella and SoulSeek.

Visit the MLDonkey homepage or the community driven site MLDonkey World homepage for more information.

mldonkey.el is written in elisp and allows you to monitor your downloads and control the MLDonkey core from within your emacs.

The mldonkey.el homepage provides the source code as well as some documentation.

The format of MLDonkeys telnet interfaced has changed and mldonkey.el was broken for some time. The new version 0.0.3 fixed this problems. Other news: authentication is supported, comint buffer for the console, improved cpu usage.
I rewrote lots of stuff so the code should be far more readable now but very likely your old configuration won’t work anymore.

PeterSalvi: I’ve created a patch (mldonkey-vd.patch.gz) for version 0.0.4 to conform to MLDonkey 2.9.2. Since the website for mldonkey.el seems to be down, I’ve taken the liberty to upload it to mldonkey-el-0.0.4.tar.gz.

Newest version is 0.0.4b (tarball) and I’ve ported your patch to it (mldonkey-0.0.4b-vd.patch). – ulm