The mode line is at the bottom of every Emacs Window aside from MiniBuffer windows.[1] It has useful summary information about the buffer shown in the window, including its name and current modes.

Here is a screenshot that shows three windows with their mode lines:


For complete information on the contents of mode lines, see mode line in the EmacsManual. The information in a mode line usually includes the following:

In the screenshot, buffers *Help* and drews-lisp-20 are read-only (unmodified); buffer shrink-fit.el is writable and unmodified.
Note: If the modes are surrounded by square brackets – like this: [(Emacs-Lisp)] – then you are in a recursive edit. You may want to do `C-]’ (command ‘abort-recursive-edit’) to get out of it.
All of the buffers in the screenshot are unconverted (-).
All of the buffers in the screenshot have newline-separated lines ((Unix)).

See also ModeLineConfiguration.

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