Note: 2010-12-11 This project no longer exists. All the HTTP URLs below are dead.

This package allows you to place your abbrevs into your filesystem, in a special directory tree.

version 1.0beta series (original version developed by Benjamin Rutt).

(archive copy

version 0.99a (fork developed by Victor Hugo Borja): Lisp:msf-abbrev.el

I made some modification to the 0.99a version of msf-abbrev.el. The new feature added include:

  1. Do not scan directory every time ‘msf-abbrev-mode’ is invoked but when new changes happen in mode-abbrev’s directory. If ‘msf-abbrev-always-rescan’ is set to t, the new changes will be added automatically when entering msf-abbrev-mode again. You can still force a refresh by using msf-abbrev-scan-mode command though.
  2. Dump all abbreviations to an elisp file with new command ‘msf-abbrev-generate-init-file’. This allows faster loadings.
  3. Add support for mode alias in .emacs, for example:
 (setq msf-abbrev-mode-alias '((c++-mode . c-mode))

Ye Wenbin

AnythingSources defines anything-c-source-msf-abbrev, an Anything interface to insert, edit or delete abbreviations. – JulienBarnier

What are the differences between version 0.99a and 1.0beta3? Why to patch the older version 0.99a and not the upstream version?

Answer: Victor Hugo Borja forked it when msf-abbrev.el was at rev 0.98a. To avoid confusion, Benjamin Rutt released the 1.0beta series to avoid ambiguity. In summary, when you fork something, it’s best to give it a new name, not just a new revision number.

I’m using the original version by Benjamin Rutt. Recently I have noticed that the <choose> template does not work in Emacs 23.2 (I don’t know if it worked in 23.1), while in Emacs 22 it worked. Namely, when activating the choose template, there is no choices other than the first item from the list. Any idea how to fix it?

It works. You need to press RET to get choose template options.

I have translate msf-abbrev snippets into yasnippet. because c++mode and c-mode in msf-abbrev snippets are almost the same, I combined them together. the project is hosted at:

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