mu-cite.el is a powerful citation tool for (X)Emacs.

Homepage: (Japanese) (broken link on 2008-Feb-18)


mu-cite 8.1 requires APEL 9.20 or later and FLIM 1.12.2 or later.

mu-cite snapshot (14-May-2009) requires APEL 10.7 or later and FLIM 1.12.2 or later.


Unpack the archive an type make in the programm directory. Then add the directory to your load-path and write the following in your .emacs file:

 (autoload 'mu-cite-original "mu-cite" nil t)

When you use Gnus:

 (add-hook 'message-cite-function 'mu-cite-original)

When your use another mailer:

 (add-hook 'mail-citation-hook 'mu-cite-original)

By default the citing is very ugly. To fix that put something like this in your configuration file:

 (setq mu-cite-top-format '(full-name " write:\n\n"))
 (setq mu-cite-prefix-format '(">"))