My MUA, nmh (with MH-E interface to my GnuEmacs)) absolutely R0xx0rzzz because it follows the UnixWay, yours propably suxxx0rZ, except if it’s MH-E too. Well, if you run your sucky GNUS, ViewMail or whatnot under Emacs, which also doesn’t follow the UnixWay, then it’s okay to not follow it, because Emacs doesn’t either. With MH-E i’m not bound to Emacs, which i don’t want to b3. It also shows the X-Face -header, which is propably the most important feature of any mail-systems anyway! Thus

    (setq mail-user-agent "mh-e-user-agent")
    (setq read-mail-command "mh-rmail")

setq man, setq is b0nd!!1!! (._.-' ( (O) ) '-._.)

da original in$$pireitah!!


Hey tekonivel, don’t be so daft. I use my GNUS to read my mail. It’s perfect for me, i can even send hotmail and internetmessengers to my friends in our local stamp-collection club with it.

Yours, Dwayne Dibbly


Hey guys, WanderLust is much more saner. All mail clients sucks but this one sucks less.

Your LdBeth.