MultiScratch is a mode that manages multiple scratch buffers.

Why MultiScratch?

By default, Emacs has a single scratch buffer named *scratch*. You may find a single buffer is not enough if you have multiple pieces of text you need split into separate scratch buffers. MultiScratch does this for you, so you can create and switch between multiple scratch buffers quickly.


Put Lisp:multi-scratch.el in your load-path, and add (require 'multi-scratch) into your ~/.emacs or init.el.


Create new scratch buffer.
Switch to next scratch buffer.
Switch to previous scratch buffer.


All the options below can be customized with: M-x customize-group RET multi-scratch RET.

The base name of scratch buffers.
Whether try to create new scratch buffers when no scratch buffers exist.

I believe here’s a bug in Version 0.1: run multi-scratch-new twice (there should be two multi-scratch buffers: multi-scratch<1> and multi-scratch<2> ); kill multi-scratch<1>; run multi-scratch-new. The BUG is no multi-scratch buffer can be created.