15:55 forcer
We already have namespaces! You just prefix stuff with namespace-, namespace--, or namespace/!
16:02 kensanata
forcer: I agree with you regarding namespaces. Namespaces are a convention and I think elisp shows that that’s often good enough.
16:03 forcer
kensanata: I was being sarcastic. 😟
16:03 kensanata
forcer: Nooooooo!

This is what the manual says:

“You should choose a short word to distinguish your program from other Lisp programs. The names of all global variables, constants, and functions in your program should begin with that chosen prefix. Separate the prefix from the rest of the name with a hyphen, ‘-’.
“This practice helps avoid name conflicts, since all global variables in Emacs Lisp share the same name space, and all functions share another name space.
“Use two hyphens to separate prefix and name if the symbol is not meant to be used by other packages.”
Coding Conventions

EmacsLisp doesn’t offer namespaces. Multiple ideas and implementations abound, however.