“Nav is a lightweight solution for Emacs users who want something like TextMate’s file browser, or the Eclipse project view. Unlike these two, Nav only shows the contents of a single directory at a time, but it allows recursive searching for filenames using the ‘f’ key-binding, and recursive grepping of file contents with the ‘g’ key-binding. Nav can be run painlessly in terminals, where Speedbar either fails on its attempt to make a new frame or is hidden. Nav’s terminal-friendliness comes from running in the frame where it was started, keeping window management simple. The Nav key bindings are simple, as well – each key command is a single keystroke long.”

Nav contains three modes for easy navigation within emacs. They are the File mode, Buffers mode and Tags Mode.

Get the latest from the Mercurial repository:

hg clone emacs-nav

Project Site:

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