I use XEmacs since ‘95. It is my one true editor.

I am njsf in the EmacsChannel.

Since them I continue to read all my personal email in Gnus (CategoryGnus) and do my main programming in XEmacs (now with EmacsCodeBrowser).

Welcome to the wiki! – AlexSchroeder

Here is the code I use with XEmacs to have a auto-pre-compiled init.d directory for managing my startup (and keep it speedy!)

It auto detects updates to new files (via the modified date) and recompiles the init on startup.

On my ~/.xemacs/init.el:

(add-path "~/.el")
(require 'njsf-compile-init)
(delete-other-windows) ;; Remove the *Compile Log* buffer split

Then I have in ~/.el/njsf-compile-init:

;; Use directory ~/.xemacs/init.d as a repository of modular
;; configuration
(defun njsf-compile-init nil
  "Pre-compile init into njsf-initd.el if needed"
  (let* ((init-dir "~/.xemacs")
         (initd-dir (concat init-dir "/init.d"))
         (init-file (concat init-dir "/njsf-initd"))
         (init-el (concat init-file ".el"))
         (init-elc (concat init-el "c"))
         (initd-files (directory-files initd-dir t "^[^\.].*\.el$" t t))
         (files   (cons initd-dir initd-files))
         (current nil)
         (recompile nil)
         (njsf-init-buffer nil))
    (while (and files (not recompile))
      (setq current (car files)
            files   (cdr files))
      (when (file-newer-than-file-p current init-elc)
        (message "%S is newer than %S" current init-elc)
        (setq recompile t)))
    (when recompile
      (message "Recompiling init files....")
      (setq njsf-init-buffer (generate-new-buffer (concat "*" init-el "*")))
      (with-current-buffer njsf-init-buffer
        (set-visited-file-name init-el)
        (setq files initd-files)
        (while files
          (setq current (car files)
                files   (cdr files))
 	  (insert-string (concat
			  ";; ------------------------------------\n"
			  ";;"  current "\n"
			  "(condition-case theError \n"
          (insert-file-contents current)
	  (goto-char (point-max))
          (insert-string (concat "\n)\n"
                 "(t (message \"Error loading \\\""
                 current ": \\\" %S \\\" \" theError)))\n"
                 ";; ------------------------------------\n\n")))
      (condition-case nil
	    (byte-compile-file init-el)
	    (kill-buffer njsf-init-buffer)
	    (delete-file init-el))
        (t . nil))
    (load init-file)))

(provide 'njsf-compile-init)

Then on my ~/.xemacs/init.d I have a bunch of *.el that get compiled into ~/.xemacs/njsf-initd.elc

Hope this helps someone speed up the XEmacs startup.