newsticker.el can display news items of news (RSS, Atom) feeds (such as the RSS of this wiki – see OtherRecentChanges!), allowing you to keep up-to-date with sites that update their content continuously – if and only if they provide a RSS or Atom feed.

From the package commentary:

A newsticker is a thing that asynchronously retrieves a list of headlines (which are contained in RDF Site Summary (RSS) files) from a list of news sites, displays these headlines, and allows for loading the corresponding articles in a web browser.

newsticker.el first appeared in GNU Emacs version 22.

Recent versions of newsticker.el ( >= 1.99) offer a “treeview,” in which feeds can be gathered into arbitrary groups for more efficient reading. The treeview tiles three windows – one showing the feed hierarchy, another showing the list of articles in the selected feed, and a third showing the text of the selected article. Here is a screenshot of the new treeview.


There is a newsticker.el project on Savannah: Visit for downloading the latest stable newsticker version. Note that development is taking place in Emacs CVS repository, the repository at savannah is not up to date.

Stable releases are posted to news:gnu.emacs.sources as well, see Groups:newsticker.el.


Under ntemacs-21.3 and running newsticker, emacs can become a CPU hog. For some reason, newsticker wget under windows does not quit properly when loading images from certain feeds. If this happens to you, try adding --timeout=30 to the newsticker-wget-arguments.

It does a (require ‘xml). Which XML package is required? – AlainMellan.

The one that comes with GNU Emacs (>= 21). – UlfJasper
Too bad, I’m using XEmacs. – AlainMellan
There is a net-utils package for XEmacs containing (an) xml.el which works with newsticker.el. I added some XEmacs compatibility code, and now newsticker.el should work with XEmacs. Try the CVS version (>= 1.18, 30.Sep.2003) from – UlfJasper

Any plans to include Atom (1.0 and optionally 0.3) support?

As of version 1.9 newsticker.el supports Atom feeds (0.3 as well as 1.0) – UlfJasper (2005-11-04)
I tried it but I got a backtrace when showing news.
Which Emacs version? Which news feed? What does the backtrace say? Send me a bug report – Ulf Jasper (2005-11-05)

For me newsticker works much better than Gnus rss back-end, but I miss the feature to save interested posts via eg. nnimap back-end. Is it possible?

You can mark an item as immortal – that will make it stay in the cache forever. Saving is currently not possible, but that sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll add the possibility to save rss/atom items to plain files (but not to IMAP).
Yes, I’m already keeping articles as ‘immortal’, but newsticker always ask if I want cache to open ‘cause “it’s big”. otoh, I have lot of ‘immortal’ articles in cache with lot of inline images. What will come out of them when saved as plain files?
I mentioned IMAP in order that saved articles can be searched with mairix ;)
Saving an item should also save linked images, like webbrowsers can do. Need to find out how this can be done with internal url-package, w3, w3m, wget or whatever… For the warning see ‘large-file-warning-threshold’ (or the next newsticker release;).
Cool! w3m is good choice and it is already working with newsticker nicely. I’m eager to see next release (after dumping both newspipe & rss2email yesterday and gnus has poor support for rss) :-D

Is it possible to import feeds from an OPML file? And where can I find documentation for newsticker, there’s none in the emacs manual as far as I can see, and the little documentation I’ve managed to find doesn’t, for example, tell me how to delete feeds.

Try ‘newsticker-opml-import’! (If you encounter problems with nested opml files try the CVS version from savannah.) Newsticker comes with a very brief manual, separate from the Emacs manual (‘C-h i m newsticker RET’). For customizing newsticker click on the customize-button on the toolbar, or type ‘M-x customize-group RET newsticker RET’. – UlfJasper

Does anyone know why newsticker uses so many CPU cycles just to download and render rss feeds? My processor revs up to 100% capacity for a couple of minutes just to download and display 10 feeds. Gnus/nnrss maxes out at perhaps 10% CPU capacity for the same feeds, and fetches them twice as fast. And when I try to use an external program like wget to fetch feeds, the instructions newsticker sends it causes it to get stuck in a loop at 100% CPU. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. – MattLundin

I guess that it is the xml parsing that takes so long. Please send me the URLs of those feeds. I shall have a look then. Using wget for fetching feeds should just work. Could you provide more details? What platform are you using? UlfJasper
Thanks for the reply. I’m using Newsticker 1.99 on Ubuntu 8.10/Emacs 23.0.90 and Mac OS X/Emacs 22.3. I cleared my old newsticker settings and customized from scratch – everything now works fine. Sorry for the false alarm, and thanks for a wonderful rss reader. I do have one additional question. I noticed that the emacs development version of newsticker has a new location for storing data (newsticker-dir). As far as I can tell, the development version of newsticker always disregards my settings for .newsticker-cache and .newsticker-group locations in favor of the directory setting. Does this mean that the former files are now obsolete? Or is it possible to continue using the old files? Thanks. MattLundin
Variables newsticker-cache-filename and newsticker-groups-filename have been replaced with newsticker-dir. They have become obsolete in the latest newsticker version (in Emacs CVS). Newsticker will automatically convert your data: If these files are present newsticker will read them, store data in newsticker-dir, and offers to remove them. If this does not work, please tell me. UlfJasper

I use emacs without X, in the terminal exclusively (Ubuntu emacs-nox package). It doesn’t have XPM support (obviously) and apparently newsticker chokes when it can’t load its XPM icons (“Invalid image type ‘xpm’”). This is kinda annoying since I can’t use emacs-gtk (no anti-aliasing support…) or emacs-snapshot (would solve the anti-aliasing problem I guess, but last time I tried emacs 23 apparently didn’t handle yet some other packages I use routinely). Could there be an alternative text-only version of the XPM icons like there is for tabbar-mode ? FabriceGabolde

Is there any way to sort the Newsticker Tree buffer?

Currently (2009-12-16) there are keys for adding groups (M-a) and for moving feeds to groups (M-m). In order to sort feeds and groups one has to edit ~/.emacs.d/newsticker/groups (`newsticker-dir'/groups). UlfJasper

Where can I find example ~/.emacs.d/newsticker/groups file? The format seems to be completely undocumented.

Is Newsticker not maintained anymore?

Newsticker is part of GNU Emacs. UlfJasper


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