When I hit down arrow (i.e. next-line) from the last line on the screen, Emacs takes me to the next line, but then it puts that line in the middle of the page. This always startles me, because I am used to other editors that scroll the screen one line at a time when you reach the bottom line of the screen.

Is there a way to change emacs to use the scrolling-by-one-line approach?

Thanks. – SteveHowell

Change scroll-conservatively to 1 or other suitably small number, not zero. – CharlesSebold
Worked, thanks. – SteveHowell

using GnuEmacs 21.1.1, I find that I need a combination of scroll-step 1 and scroll-conservatively 10000, as someone else mentioned on SmoothScrolling. Otherwise it will jump suddenly every once in a while - which can be quite startling when you’ve been scrolling smoothly for a second or two. – ErikDeBill

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