NicFerrier projectoccur

Emacs’ failure to have a sensible project occur prompts a lot of people to write one. I’ve written several over the years.

I’m quite happy with this latest one that I’ve written using Fuco and Magnar’s dash library.

(require 'dash)

(defun project-occur/dirtree-files (start-dir &rest not-files)
  "List all the files under START-DIR.

Automatically ignores .files and any filename specified in
  (->> (directory-files start-dir t "^[^.].*[^~#]$")
    (--filter (not (member (file-name-nondirectory it) not-files)))
     (if (file-directory-p it)
         (project-occur/dirtree-files it)

(defun project-occur (buffer thing)
  "Find THING with `multi-occur' in BUFFER's project."
   (list (current-buffer) (thing-at-point 'symbol)))
  (when thing
    (with-current-buffer buffer
      (let* ((dir
                (lambda (dirname)
                  (and (file-directory-p dirname)
                        dirname nil "\\(\\.git\\|node_modules\\)$"))))))
             (files (project-occur/dirtree-files dir "node_modules"))
             (buffers (--map (find-file-noselect it) files)))
        (multi-occur buffers thing)))))

;;; project-occur.el ends here

The functional style works very well and I wish we could include this stuff in core Emacs. Sadly Magnars thinks he already lost control of the contributors so would be unable to get copyright assignment.

Things with multi-occur

The reason multi-occur (and derivatives like this) are so useful is because you can put it into edit mode and change a lot at once. All the Emacs tool’s then become more useful, you can do search and replace, record a macro, even use multiple-cursors.

Here’s a screenshot of my Emacs with multi-occur from a CSS file.